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Sermons on Exodus

The Presence of Worship

Exodus 33:12-33 1.   What is worship? Worship is declaring the WORTH of God. 2.The realities of God’s Presence       The reality of God’s omnipresence The reality of God’s revealed presence 3.What is needed in worship? 4.What do we need to do? Anticipate God’s revealed presence in worship. Expect Him. Long for Him. Look for […]

I AM the vine

The flimsy vine branch that comes off of a main vine is good for nothing except to bear fruit. In the same way, Christians are not able to do anything in the purpose of God of use apart from the fruit God works in their lives. This message looks at how God works in the […]

Who do you say that you are?

It’s great to know what people thought about Jesus, but today we begin to ask what did Jesus say about Himself? It’s the core of Christian belief, that in Jesus, God has made himself known, and yet it’s something that we can never, ever think enough about or certainly won’t ever understand. I AM is […]