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Sermons on John

There’s a Kid in All of Us

John 1:12-13, Romans 8:15-16, Hebrews 12:1-3 Attributes of Children Have a sense of wonder… Want to have fun… Have a song in their heart & sing it joyfully… Need love & discipline… Are quick to forgive & forget… Seek approval & aim to please… Are inquisitive… Desire their parents love & need to snuggle…

Willing to take a Risk

  Scripture references: Hebrews 11:6-10, Proverbs 29:10, Psalm 137:1-4, Haggai 2:3, Matthew 15:32-33, John 4:35, John 10:10 As a church, where are we going?  What is our vision?  In terms of vision, we can describe THREE different types of churches (and people): 1.UNDER-TAKING – LOOKING BACK 2.CARE-TAKING – MAINTAINING 3.RISK-TAKING –  FORWARD THINKING Two very important questions: God…. 1.What do You expect from me? […]

I AM the bread

Celebration and suffering often go hand-in-hand. Jesus as the Bread of Life reminds us of the presence of God in the midst of that struggle–in the midst of any struggle that any of us are going through. Jesus is enough. Seek the giver, not the gift.

I AM the good shepherd

The image of Jesus as a shepherd is likely the most recognizable from the Bible. Even many who do not attend a church regularly, have an image of Jesus with a lamb tucked under His arm. What exactly did Jesus mean by referring to himself as the Good Shepherd? There is a call to every […]