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88 days left

There are only 88 days left until The Choose Joy Experience! It seems so close but so far!God has been showing OUT lately. Things are coming together so beautifully and I’m incredibly pleased with the direction things are going. There are a couple of things to let you know! I have created a Facebook event for The Choose Joy Experience. You can search in the search bar for the event, or you can ‘like’ Christian Life Worship Center on Facebook and it will show up under the event tab. I will still continue to send newsletter updates but I’m posting on that as well! You can mark yourself “going” to the event and use it to share with the other women in your life to get the word out!
One really cool thing about Facebook is the option to make a poll. Right now in the event, there is a poll posted and that’s where you can find the topic of our breakout sessions! We are offering four sessions and there is time in the schedule for you to attend two of the sessions. If you would, please go on the event page and let me know which topic you’re most interested in. This will help me plan the day so that you all get the most out of this experience.
I’ve had SO many women tell me how much they’re looking forward to this and that is incredibly exciting! I am trying to get a more accurate idea of how many women are planning to attend. If you’d like to come, please visit our facebook event page and mark youself as “going” and if you’re unsure, you can mark “interested” and this will REALLY help me in my planning.
Click the link below to be directed to our event page
Thank you for your attention!Danielle SmithClick THIS link to send in your registration!


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