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Bonus – Meet the team

It is my privilege to introduce the CJE team to you! I’m so blessed to work alongside these wonderful women. They deeply care about what God is doing and have poured so much of themselves into this experience. I wanted to share what each individual woman is doing. My hope is that you will take this information and pray intently and specifically for them and the area they represent.

Pictured in the top row first is Christy Belflower. Christy is head of our budgeting department. She is incredibly smart and knows how to get the most for the money. Christy also has a sharp eye for beauty, and spent many years working as a floral designer. When you get to Christian Life Worship Center on April 25 and see how the church is decorated, just know that some of what you see is the work of this creative and talented woman. Outside of CJE, Christy is our women’s ministry director  at CLWC as well as countless other things she tends to. Next to Christy is Arlette Revells. Arlette is in charge of designs and advertising. Everything you’ll see with our logo on it was created by her. Arlette owns a graphic design business called Great Works Creation. She is also an anointed speaker and will be leading on of our break out sessions. Outside of CJE, Arlette plays keyboard at CLWC and she and her husband facilitate a Sunday School class. She also designs all of CLWC’s materials like pens, bulletins, cups, and other materials.Krissy McKenzie is next! She will be putting together some really cool gift bags for you. Krissy also takes minutes and will be one of our main speakers. Outside of CJE, Krissy is a greeter and is a part of our connections team. Krissy also coordinates our prayer requests and sends them out. First in the bottom row is Laura Chassevent. Laura is our menu coordinator. She will be in charge of our menu and making sure all allergies and intolerances are tended to. Outside of CJE, Laura is CLWC’s women’s ministries assistant director. She and her husband are head of our prayer team. Every sunday morning, they meet with other CLWC members and pray specifically for our services and programs. She also greets and checks in our LiFE KiDZ. Oh, and she’s my mama!I’m next, and I am the director of this event. I’m so humbled to just be involved in this day. Outside of CJE, I teach part of our wednesday night preschool class. My husband and I host a LiFE group in our home once a month. I also coordinate meals for our church members who have recently been ill or hospitalized.On the end is Pamela Kesling. Pamela is in charge of planning our worship segments. She is also my go to for advice, logistics, planning, and decision making. Pamela has led dozens of women’s events and has been a huge help to me. Outside of CJE, Pamela is our senior pastor’s wife. She is also a part of our worship team at CLWC, secretary of our women’s ministries, and just about 5000 other things.

Please keep us in prayer as we plan what is sure to be a life changing day. I ask that you take some time to pray over each individual woman and the area she has been tasked with. I’m so proud of this group of women that God has given me. For years they have supported me, loved me, and treated me like family. I truly love each one of them, I hope that when you  join us on April 25, these familiar faces will be a comfort to you!

Danielle Smith


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