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October Newsletter

Hello there! Can you believe October is already here? It’s fall, y’all!

I want to share a really cool God thing with all of you! I really love the YouVersion bible app (if you aren’t familiar with it, check it out) and one of my favorite things about it is the Images feature. You can choose a verse and put it over an image. It’s a beautiful way of making scripture come alive. Well, I was in the app choosing an image for our Choose Joy verse. I usually set my version to ESV, but it had been changed. As I was changing my version, I accidentally clicked on the amplified version. 

Here is our Choose Joy verse in the New Living Translation: Habakkuk 3:18 yet I will rejoice in the Lord! I will be joyful in the God of my salvation!

And here it is in the Amplified version: Yet I will [choose to] rejoice in the Lord; I will [choose to] shout in exultation in the [victorious] God of my salvation!

How incredible is our God! His hand is in this, and He cares about even the smallest details. Our team had a great meeting this month, and we’re excited about the direction God is leading us! Next month, I will introduce the team to all of you. 

Enjoy the fall! And tell me, what are YOUR favorite fall/winter activities?

Until next time!

Danielle Smith


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